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Purbeck Group
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Programme of Meetings Scheduled for 2018
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17 January

Sean Walls

Tracking Dragonflies and Birds

21 February

John Lillington

Nuclear Power: Past, Present and Future

21 March

John Forsdyke

Small Wonders - Microscopy

18 April

Phil Judkins

Convoy – The War at Sea

16 May

Ray Jones

Working with H.M. Submarines

20 June

Andy Ramsbottom

The New Quay in Poole Docks

18 July

Alan Turner

Science of LSM Organ with Demonstration

15 August

[No Meeting]

19 September

Cheryl Bailey

Modern Day Psychiatry: Art, Science or Mumbo Jumbo

17 October

David Harris

Creation from Big Bang to Humans

21 November

Ian Platt

Volcanoes - Killers or Life-Savers?

19 December

Geoff Kirby

The Wonderful World of Non-Dimensional Number Groups

Geoff Kirby Presentations
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48 min Presentation
given December 2016
67 min Presentation
given December 2017
Early History of
Mathematics Quirky