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20th June 2018 - Andy Ramsbottom

The New Quay at the Port of Poole

Andy will outline commercial quay developments at the Port of Poole over time, explaining the rationale for the recently constructed 200m deep-water berth.

The talk will cover a range of construction issues, including procurement methods, environmental considerations, technical challenges and forms of construction.

The talk will conclude with a discussion on EA collaboration on coastal defence.

18th July 2018 - Alan Turner

The Organ - King of Instruments

Whether you love it or hate it, most would agree that the sound of the organ is unique. Alan's talk aims to explore two basic questions about this instrument: why an organ sounds like it does and how such an instrument has evolved and is built.

To illustrate this, the talk will be held in the Priory Church of Lady St Mary in Wareham and will give members an opportunity to see and hear the organ installed there. The talk will not be a recital, although some musical examples will be given, nor will it be a musician’s guide to the repertoire and composers for the instrument.

The idea is to start from the basics of sound production and proceed through the history and discoveries that have been incorporated into organ design. A little music theory will be included but only sufficient to explain what is being heard. No previous musical knowledge is assumed.

Along the way we will see how traditional materials and craftsmanship go into the construction of an organ and there will be an opportunity to venture inside the organ case of the LSM organ to see how this has been implemented.

There are no S&T meetings scheduled for August 2018