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21st February 2018 - John Lillington

Nuclear Power: Past, Present and Future

John will describe his personal experience of working in the nuclear industry for 40+ years to include:

John will focus mainly on UK activities but will also include something of an international perspective.

21st March 2018 - John Forsdyke  

Small Wonders - Microscopy

In the first of his presentations John Forsdyke will share with us some of the very small wonders that can only be observed with an electron microscope. In a following presentation he will look at even smaller things.

John is able to explain the technology required to see these very small objects and the various method used in the field of electron microscopy.

We have seen images of the gigantic taken by the Hubble space telescope, these lectures will take us to the other extreme of scale.

18th April 2018 - Phil Judkins

Convoy - The War at Sea

The War at Sea incorporating Intercept and Decryption, Radar (both airborne and ship-borne), High Frequency Direction Finding (Huff-Duff), anti-submarine missiles such as Squid, a variety of mines and torpedoes, including magnetic mines, acoustic and ‘hunting’ torpedoes, and anti-ship missiles.

Phil's talk follows four convoys - English South Coast, Atlantic, Malta and Arctic – and illustrates the different weapons used, with the particular local interest that air to surface vessel anti-submarine radar in its modern form was developed by Sir Bernard Lovell and colleagues at Leeson House, Langton Matravers.