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19th December 2018 - Geoff Kirby

The Wonderful World of
Non-Dimensional Number Groups

With the aid of three golf balls and a potato Geoff will demonstrate the fundamental principle behind Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity as well as showing how wind turbines are designed, why the wind whistles through overhead power cables, why cars are shaped the way they are and how to stop your coffee slopping out of the cup whilst carrying it through a jolting railway carriage.

Part I given in October 2018 by David Harris:

Creation - From Big Bang to Humans …
How it all Began - Part I The Non Organic Universe

During this session we will explore how man developed an understanding of the Non Organic Universe based on the findings and theories from the 18th century to today, with some input from earlier times.

Our journey involves some of the key natural philosophers, how their theories have stood the test of time - or not - and where current research is pointing.

Is it all real or “The Emperor’s New Clothes”?

21st November 2018 - David Harris

Creation - From Big Bang to Humans …
How it all Began - Part II The Organic Universe

This session complements last month’s presentation by concentrating on the Organic Creation and so covers how life may have begun and how it is structured.

We look at what happens in the cells of our body and how human input can change the ways cells of living things can be modified.

We finish by considering how we can resolve the problems that science can never have the answers for.

Tycho Brahe
Astronomical Instruments
Single Cell
Continued next time …

16th January 2019 - Steve Etches

The Etches Collection

< Details to follow >