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19th February 2020 - Michael Edmonds

Observing the Effects of Nerve Damage in Diabetes

Michael Edmonds is Professor of Diabetic Foot Medicine, King’s College London and a consultant physician at King’s College Hospital, London.

A pioneer in many areas of the Diabetic Foot, Michael speaks about his interest in diabetes and its treatment and the success of the Diabetic Foot Service and Clinic at King’s College Hospital. He will involve the audience and mention his most memorable times dealing with diabetes.

People with diabetes are prone to foot problems that develop due to prolonged periods of high blood sugar levels. Diabetic neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease are the two main foot problems that occur - and both can have serious complications.

18th March 2020 - Malcolm Haas

The Mind and our Lives
                               - ‘Taking the road less travelled’

How the mind works, roles and contributions to well being - Part 2 exploring further ideas.

Malcolm has a lifetime passion to gain knowledge and application about how our minds function and how to use this in many contexts.

15th April 2020 - Phil Judkins

Science, Theft and Treachery

The stories of the Bruneval Raid to capture Hitler's radar, and of the parallel story of spies and agents on the Russian Front.

During the 20th century, scientific advances applied to military use could win or lose wars, and so were the subject both of espionage and of direct assault.  Dr Phil Judkins scrutinises two classic examples, one of assault and theft, one of treachery.

During the Second World War, Britain at first thought that it alone had the secret of radar, until increasing evidence showed that Germany had equipment equally as advanced – if not better! The Bruneval Raid, subject of a recent book by local author Damien Lewis, was mounted to steal a German radar – but how did reality match the bold plan?

On the Eastern Front, Russia and Germany were locked in a titanic struggle whose scale dwarfs conflict in Western Europe – but what is the almost unknown story of German spying on Russia, and of the German spy codenamed ‘Klatt’, Germany’s primary source of information on Russia. Why was he of such interest to the British at Bletchley Park? Was Klatt in fact a Russian double agent? A true story to match the fiction of John le Carré, with a stomach-wrenching final twist!